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About Us

The Natural Experience began as a way to celebrate black & textured hair. As a stylist for more than 35 years, Marcina Pride's main objective for her clients was always about knowledge, understanding and appreciation of one's own natural tresses. From the event's inception, Pride and her team knew the expo was about more than hair.

This expo addresses a need to bridge the gap between the community and access to resources. This expo opens the door for necessary conversations surrounding fitness, mental health, building wealth, and making overall healthier lifestyle choices.

The event is more than just information, attendees are able to receive free health screenings in a non-pressuring environment and talk one on one with experts regarding home ownership.

The black salon was always a beacon of information and resources and The Natural Experience set out to recreate that concept through the annual day-long Expo. From entertainment and educational workshops to celebrities & the highly anticipated fashion show; this event is one you should never miss. It's not just a trend, it's a lifestyle. 

 Marcina Dowdell Pride Founder of The Natural Experience Inc. C.E.O of Loving My Hair Exclusives LLC. educator, motivator, natural hair stylist of 30+ yrs. & Master Pioneer awardee of 2019.

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